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Finally!!! The first official trailer of Furious 7 has just been release.

At long last, the first official trailer of Furious 7 has just been released. The last film of Paul Walker’s life.

As usual, full of cars, girls, guns and action. Just the way we like it! April 2015 better hurry!

Mind Blown… Feather and Bowling ball dropped in vacuum.

Ever heard the saying that if a feather and a bowling ball were dropped in a vacuum, they would hit the ground at the same time?… Neither have we, but we have heard many similar sayings and claims by okes. Usually around braais as useless facts.

Well, we have wondered whether that is true. Have a look here as Brian Cox drops a few feathers and a bowling ball at the same time, in the world’s largest vacuum chamber.

So, apparently Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, is no longer a theory. It is clearly visible that it is only the drag / friction of the air that holds the feather back.

This experiment was done in NASA’s Space Simulation Vacuum Chamber, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

Man this is awesome!!!

Ultimate Holiday Pranks

The December holidays are approaching fast and errbody are getting excited. Well, here are a few of the most badass pranks to put in your arsenal to irritate mates with this holiday. Let it rip and remember, take pictures!!

mullet_pranks (1)

Vandalized Lambo

So, not only are Lamborghini Gallardo’s quite a site already, but this one is a cut above the rest. Young millionaire Prinasen Dhaver, decided his Lambo was not unique enough already. So in collaboration with Vossen SA he decided to get it Vandalised in an SA first, with koki pens. The result is not what you expect.

vossen-damn-vandal-lambo-posca (1)

Ultra lux!

Talk about luxury! Damn, have a look at the brand new Bell 429 Wheeled Landing Gear (WLG). Even more insane than that is the world’s first and incredible Bell 429 MAGnificent luxury cabin interior, created by Italian company Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG).


World’s Best 4×4

Everyone always thinks and debates that their 4×4 is the best in the world and nothing else comes close, and all that other jazz….

But, let us here at finally put all arguments to rest. We know, FOR A FACT, that the best 4×4 in the whole world is a City Golf. Any city golf will do, but the best of the best are the rentals.

Because if it’s not your car, it can go anywhere. How many memories we have in Avis City Golfs. Most people learned how to do their first handbrake turns in them as well.

Just to prove our point and attest to the absolute supremacy of the Rental City Golf, check this one running around Atlantis dunes in the Cape, along with many other million Rand 4x4s.

golf Image24

Mullet definition

Check this oke!! Most of us know him from Jozi Shore fame, but in his youth, he starred in this highly educational and informative video about the Mullet we all know and love. He sums it up pretty duidelik.

Just when we lost all interest in skateboarding

Just as we thought that skateboarding is same-old same-old and is getting so boring we would rather watch golf… this mal oke comes along.

Check this legit shit out!! If this is how skateboarding would go in the X-Games, we would definitely start watching it again.

Pass a boet a beer like a champ!

This is how you pass a Boet a broo’chie in Canada… But only if you have Champ status.

Snowbo… orrrr rather Desertboarding, aweness!

Check these mal okes, they decided just going down massive dunes on sandboards are way too boring, so why not get towed behind a 1000hp monster!!!