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White girl laying it down like a black girl… Dem skillz

The white girl can lay it down! A little…

Kid yodeling in Walmart, led to a neck-wrecking banger!

So, we are probably dead-last to the party with the news of the viral yodeling kid, that sang at walmart and suddenly bacame a viral sensation. Here is the original video.

Jedi Master of Self-Control

We here at Mullet crown this pooch the official Jedi Master of self-control.


Guy becomes female celebrities

Crazy what makeup can do. You would not believe it until you see this. This Fillipino guy, Paolo Ballesteros, uses makeup, and only makeup and wigs, -no prosthetics- to transform himself into various famous Hollywood female celebs. Un-freaking believable.

Kim Kardashian

celebrity-makeup-paolo-ballesteros (1)

Vandalized Lambo

So, not only are Lamborghini Gallardo’s quite a site already, but this one is a cut above the rest. Young millionaire Prinasen Dhaver, decided his Lambo was not unique enough already. So in collaboration with Vossen SA he decided to get it Vandalised in an SA first, with koki pens. The result is not what you expect.

vossen-damn-vandal-lambo-posca (1)

Long Range shot on a Goose

Check these local okes klap this goose at over 600m. Mad skills brah!

Plumber with balls surfs massive wave

Check this mal oke, Andrew Cotton, a plumber from the UK grew a massive pair of balls and surfed this HUGE wave in Portugal.

Mad Skills Cranberry Fields Wakeskating

Even more awesome wakeskating sessions!!!

Bike vs Car Drift

Thought only car could drift… think again, check these mad skills car vs. bike drift vid!

Mad Skills Drift Action

Insane drift action. Check it out!!!