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White girl laying it down like a black girl… Dem skillz

The white girl can lay it down! A little…

Bear chasing guy on bike

This oke was out on a nice bike ride, when suddenly a huge bear started chasing him. This will get you fit!

Bakkie stolen, or kid for sale?

So, when we found this OLX ad, we were quite surprise. Either the bakkie was stolen by the kid before the photo could even be taken. Or this kid, named Bakkie is for sale for R120k…. You decide and tell us what you think.



Loading a Taxi in South Africa

Only in Africa. Ever wonder how many people are loaded in a taxi? Well, forget about the manufacturer specs and the law, here is just a taste of the crowd that is able to fit in a Taxi.

Mal Bill!

U reckon you spend heavy when going out in Jozi… Well check this bill for R 186 000 ($18000)…


The madness was apparently the bill for the table of the ZCC bishop Barnabas Lekganyane’s son Rumo. According to what was alleged it was for Rumo’s birthday that him and a couple of friends celebrated at Club Sway in Sandton.

Thank goodness for Make-up

Jo jo jo jo!!!!

Never again will we take make-up for granted. Ladies, please oh please never forget your make-up.

Check the difference make-up makes to these chicks.posted-on-mullet (10)

Latest technology my bru!

Aweness my bru’chies!!!! Been a while I know. But we are back and changing the focus of the site a bit. But more of that jazz later.
Right now, we bring you a WORLD EXCLUSIVE! This is THE latest technology in flat screen TVs.


Check dis fukken boollet.

Check dis fing bru, we recon that you don’t wanna be the tsotsi trying to attack the oke who has these badboys loaded in his nine bru!

Will klap these peoples parents.

You know mos when it comes to South Africa, you can expect anything. Check these okes names, officially on their IDs. Some of them were surely mistakes by our famously pathetic Department of Home Affairs, but even worse than that, some of them were deliberate names chosen by their folks.

Check these dof okes…

ID 5

Seems Legit

Some more cracking pics, the do seem legit tho!

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