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Friday Falvour

Finally!!! Friday is here and it’s time to start getting ready for a party. Time to load up as usual, so here’s todays flavour.


And then again as is now the norm, a little sumthin sumthin to enjoy whilst sipping the flavour.


Friday Flavour!

Just because it’s holidays, doesn’t mean we forget our friday flavour, in fact we have a few every day!!!!


Sunday Slam ‘Cedezzz

Awe awe awenessssss!!!! Here we have Part 2 of the Mercedes edition of Sunday Slam. Enjoy!!!!

sundayslam (1)

Sunday Slam ‘Cedes

Sup folks!! We have decided to do a two part series of sunday slam, on the one and only, the original passion-wagon, the original road ship, the Mercedes Benz. We love these slammed German luxury vans so much we simply could not just show them all in one week. So here we go with part 1


Sunday Slam

This week on Sunday Slam, we are doing a truck edition with only pickup trucks, or as we okes know them, bakkies. You know how the saying goes, if it ain’t scraping, you’re not low enough!! Damn I wish our government actually used all our taxes for what it was meant, so we can also have roads good enough for slammed rides.


Sunday Slam Edition 1

For the first ever Slammed Sunday, we are gonna be doin a special tribute to arguably THEE most BOSS car that has ever been made.

(P.S. There is no chance I woke up this early on a Sunday to post anything, this post was post-dated earlier in the week)

The one, the only BOX shaped Toyota Cressida, in various forms of Stance. Check these pimp wagons brah!!











And then just because I cannot keep this ultimate rad Veehaaicle to myself, here is the ultimate Nostalgic JDM, a Classic Celica: