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FJ goois too much

So this oke goois a bit too much throttle in the run up to the mud hole and puts an unnecessary brandy stain on his FJ.

Jeep Jump gone wrong

Jeez, well there is apparently no pill for stupidity, to the utter shock of many idiots… Check this jeep jump gone wrong. Don’t know what else this oke was expecting…

Thursday Redneck Stunt

Aaaaaahahahaha, check this dom douche, with his big ego trying to impress his girl. Only problem is he cannot handle the high speed off-road. Razer… smashed!!!

MX Rider gets branch in cheek…

Fuuuuuaaaaaaarrrr…… This is not for the faint at heart, this mx rider has a minor spill, but then realizes he got a piece of a branch stuck through his cheek.

Thursday Redneck Stunt

Check this HILARIOUS rant by Jack, he is still high from the anesthesia after having his wisdom teeth removed, and everything just blows his mind!!!!

Thur Rednecks

What a joke!!!!! Check this doos, he got completely carried away by injecting his muscles with Synthol, an oil some lazy okes use to get some muscles to look bigger when they are too lazy to juice, and eat and train long and hard. He looks like an absolute freak.

Thur Redneck Stunt

Awe ma se kinders!!! Its a good day because tomorrow the week ends.

Check this oke out, he spends his time singing pop songs half naked on chatroulette. He is a Boss in our opinion.

Thur Redneck Stuns

Check this mal oke, he catches a Large Monitor Lizzard using the guts from a boar tied around his feet. MAL!!!

Thur Redneck Stunts

Aweness boet! This here is the first of our new series called Thur Redneck Stunts.

Someone need to tell this oke, that Tar does not really taste that good, he ain’t need to eat it!