New Ford Everest

OK, so by now many of you okes that schmaak automobiles, may have heard that the new Ford Everest, based on this big Ford Ranger T6 is launching next year, here in SA. Heck, most of you have even seen the pics of it.


OK, so well done. Most of us have seen these pics, but you never really relate to these concept pics, because they still feel like car is years away. So, we only start believing when some actual life pics are seen, so have a look right here…

These were taken recently at an auto show.

Ford-Everest-Concept-9 Ford-Everest-Concept-15

But still that makes it feel a little far away, so. How about these badboys!!!!




OK, so BOOM, you believe us now. These pics have been snapped in Thailand. Those Thai buggers once again, get it release way before the rest of us. Just like the case with this current Ford Ranger T6 of PX as it’s known in Auz. Those Thai bugger were driving them more than 8 months before we got them here in SA. Even though they were actually built and assembled here. No sense is made.



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