New Ford Everest

OK, so by now many of you okes that schmaak automobiles, may have heard that the new Ford Everest, based on this big Ford Ranger T6 is launching next year, here in More »

Gymkhana 7 finally HITS!

Booyah!!!! The much anticipated Gymkhana 7 has just gone live. After the awesome Gymkhana 6 and 5 and so on, errbodys been waiting for 7, and it does certainly not dissapoint. Especially More »

XP1K2 RJ Anderson insane woods ride

This is the second video of RJ Anderson in his RZR called XP1K2 and it is freaking insane!! Some of the air this guy gets. Only fun! RJ, the Off-Road Racing Champion, More »

Kim Kardashian’s Butt trying to break the internet

Kim Kardashian’s latest cover photoshoot for ‘Paper’ magazine, may very well come close to breaking the internet. To top it all off, it’s been well-oiled up too. More »

Finally!!! The first official trailer of Furious 7 has just been release.

At long last, the first official trailer of Furious 7 has just been released. The last film of Paul Walker’s life. As usual, full of cars, girls, guns and action. Just the More »


Weekend party starter

It was a rough week and we are close to giving up. But just before we do, the is a glimmer of hope and the weekend arrives. Gooi this tune, recharge from the rough week, and make sure it is a rougher weekend!

This is a proper banger, believe me.


Weekend Party Starter

Paaaaaaaaayyyyy weeeeekend! Get the weekend started and gooi this banger.


Weekend Party Starter

It’s time for Bon Jovi, yup, you heard me, the good old classic Bon Jovi rockers. But not like you remember them, gooi this lekke version over your boombox and get your weekend vibez flowing!

Weekend Party Starter

It’s that time of the week again. Time to gooi the shuffle out the office and get the good times started. Next time you pull-in to this office door is on monday and it must be with a MOERSE headache.


Weekend party starter

Raait boys, it’s time for the weekend. Gooi volume, open the windows, and pull a neck muscle.


Weekend party starter time

It’s pay weekend. Pack you laptop away, gooi the boss a middle one, and get moooving to the dop-shop. On the way there, crack this number over the speakers to get the mood started!


Weekend party starter!

Lekke lekke! It’s time for the weekend excitement butterflies to start going MAL in your stomach. Here is this weekends party starter tune, and we are going to be honest. This one is probably one of our favourite tunes so far. It’s one of those tunes you play TOO loud in your car, when driving alone and felling like you are busy with big things and you will show the world who you REALLY are soon.




Weekend party starter with some red wine

We cracked some big business deals this week, and some of us lost some big clients. So whether it is to celebrate or sulk, we feel like being sofisticated, so we will be tasting(gulping down) some fine red wines (bokswyn). This is the perfect tune to get this weekend going.


Weekend party starter continues…

We decided to start one of our most popular features back up again. This is the weekend PARTY STARTER!!! Crank it up.


White girl laying it down like a black girl… Dem skillz

The white girl can lay it down! A little…