If you remember a while back, there was this new movement originating mainly from the East Rand called Skitting (Afrikaans pronunciation) or Stepping. The okes tried to get it to catch on country-wide and later world-wide, but luckily for the rest of the word, it never did.

You should have seen it before on the TWT commercial that aired on tv in 2011, but if you didn’t here is the ad.

And for those of you who doubt it was a East Rand thing, here is the same oke in the original audition, Mullet hairstyle, polo pumping the tjoons and all.

Even more East Rand okes getting in on the perceived phenomenon.

Naughts bru, even schoolkids getting in on it…

BUT… thank goodnes it never really caught on outside of the B-town triangle, and it is still seldomly only practiced there. However, we have come upon new evidence of some remote old age home where it did spread to, and by the looks of it, these “Omies” are completely owning the younger East Rand okes. Check the “Skit!!!”.




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